Take it all With a Generous Grain of Salt

Ricky Gervais. I’m sure the name rings a bell.

How did this ‘sneak’ by? How was Gervais able to deliver such a blistering monologue at one of Hollywood’s self-loving pornographic spectacles without being dragged from the stage?

I have to wonder.

Hollywood has been summarily destroying its own franchises for the last few years, introducing an amount of political correctness and ‘diversity’ to their scripts that makes normal people want to vomit and stop spending money. The only people who seem to flock to these modern franchises without reservation look like a lineup of Antifa mugshots. Weird hair colors (hell, weird hair), pixie cuts, ears filled with gauges that will leave those earlobes looking like flaccid nether regions later in life.

How does Gervais fit into this all with his monologue, which to the naked eye (and the ‘WOO conservatives’) seemed to eviscerate the modern Hollywood mindset? Call it what a friend of mine does: an idiot fascinator. While there is a small possibility that this was not all part and parcel of Hollywood’s next plan of attack to get freedom-loving folks in America to unwisely blow a day’s earnings on going to a theater, paying for a ticket and then paying forty dollars for three dollars worth of terrible food, I somehow doubt that. It’s awfully suspicious.

I thoroughly enjoyed the comedic timing and delivery of Gervais’ monologue from a purely artistic standpoint, and were it to stand alone as something not set up, it would be very much laudable. But I doubt in my gut that this is the case. The Golden Globes are not a Netflix special whereby Dave Chappelle or Bill Burr are allowed to rant. This was, again, a Hollywood pornographic spectacle of self-love.

As Hollywood has attempted (and succeeded in many cases) to murder its own franchises, it surely is a long step ahead of the general public as to its next act. Gervais monologue could very well be a starting point for this next act. While it was funny, and gave us a sense of relief, believing that finally, someone ‘gets it’ and isn’t afraid to hand the celebrities their verbal comeuppance, it strikes me a bit like Iran’s sabre rattling in the wake of the tactical action recently taken by the United States: don’t take it terribly serious. Otherwise, Hollywood’s next act will fool us and we’ll be lining up again like lemmings to pay for more rot, only from a slightly different perspective to appeal to a different mindset, and they’ll all be laughing as they phone up their financial advisers.

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